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Our management team is made up of primary research veterans with over 75 years of combined industry knowledge


Whatever expertise you need for your industry, we've got you covered.


We work with the world's top investors, corporations, law practices, small businesses and consulting firms.

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  • Finance
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  • Oil and Gas
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Benefits of working with our expert network

Strict compliance

We have the most robust compliance framework on the market.

Around the clock service

Our team works in all time zones to ensure the fastest turn-around.

Competitive pricing

You will get a quick return on investment with the advice you get.

Dedicated client relationship manager

You will have a single contact responsible for overseeing your research and coordinating with our team.

Save time and get customized primary research solutions

Tap into our thought leaders' years of industry experience for the most thorough, accurate answers.

Leadership Team

Maestro Key is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. The leadership team has over half a century of combined experience in providing deep insights. Those insights match the needs of the local market, including those that are under-served. What works in one country does not work in another.

Everything we do revolves around a single mission: Provide the best industry and market experts to help our clients exceed their professional and business goals.

We've built Maestro Key based on our leadership team's experiences and successes. Our carefully vetted network allows you to receive key information that you won't find in databases, professional relationships, or media outlets. Our experts know their market. They can find credible data for the answers that you need.

Our primary source data researchers excel in providing the right intelligence for your industry, market, and business. This makes all the difference when you're dealing with big decisions and high dollar deals. As a result, you will mitigate risk, save money, and boost revenues.